Our Geotechnical team provides ground engineering to hazardous, unstable and geologically active cliffs that can pose significant risks to infrastructure and transport networks.

Ground stabilisation and rock control. Our knowledge of rock types and sites allows us to select machinery and resources to complete the project. We have experience with the full range of anchor and netting types. We can assist clients and consultancies with design and constructibility to complete the project efficiently.

Our trained and experienced rope access crews work with expert supervisors who have been working in these hazardous environments for many years.

Our areas of specialist expertise include:

  • Drilling and rock anchoring
  • Rockfall mesh
  • Rockfall catch fences & hybrid attenuation drapes
  • Rock scaling, explosives & blasting
  • Shotcreting
  • Grouting
  • Micropiles
  • Retaining walls

Our clients include:

KiwiRail, NZTA, Downer, Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority, SCIRT, Fulton Hogan, Wellington City Council, Capital Journeys, Trustpower, Porirua City Council, Meridian,sGreater Wellington, Christchurch City Council, NCTIR and Port Hills Geotechnical Group.

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We use pneumatic and hydraulic cliff face drill rigs, and Down the hole (DTH) and top hammer systems. Our fleet of hydraulic and pneumatically powered drill rigs can be adapted to run at ground level, in restricted areas, and to work in high level environments. Anchoring systems:

  • Titan Ischebeck self drilling anchors
  • Blugeo GRP threaded bar
  • Williams and Reid bar 500 grade steel threaded bar
  • Gewi self drilling anchors
  • Freyssinet and Macalloy high tensile threaded bar

Our services include:

  • Cost effective methods for securing and stabilising slopes
  • Installation of soil nail bars in soft and unstable ground
  • Increasing the strength of the slope with the install of hollow-self drilling anchor bars with using high pressure grout
  • Installation of glass fibre solid bar from 25mm through to 40mm diameter
  • Installation of single strand steel tendons from 16mm to 40mm diameter
  • Installation of cable strand anchors


Honing in on the techniques used in slope and rock face stabilising, Abseil Access will supply and install catch fences, barriers and attenuators to suit your site.

Behind houses, between buildings, above roads, and along railway tracks, Abseil Access has installed a wide variety of fences across the country.


We work with leading suppliers to offer a comprehensive product range so you can choose a system that will suit the physical characteristics, needs and requirements.

We install active and passive wire mesh systems; including GeoFabrics PVC coated double twist mesh, MacMatR, HEA panels and PVC coated cable reinforced HR netting.


Our drill and blast team have 20 years’ experience of removing, shaping and re-profiling countless rock faces across the country. Our safety systems and risk analysis are essential for working in these hazardous environments.

We are specialists in micro-blasting and use exact amounts of explosives to produce accurate fragmentation and minimal fly rock.

Our services include:

  • Hand and rope scaling
  • ‘Airbag’ jacking
  • Expanding cement grouts
  • Removal of unstable rock features and cliffs using high explosives under EPA Class 1.1 and Nonex (low explosives) under EPA class 1.4.
  • Public safety management
  • Environmental management
  • Clearing and disposing of the blast debris


To stabilise and support inaccessible areas we create erosion prevention walls using shotcrete, which are then reinforced by conventional steel rods, steel mesh or fibres.

We can apply sprayed concrete for detention works and weather proofing in areas of differential erosion and chemical weathering of rock formations.

Our services include:

  • Forta-ferro synthetic fibre reinforced shotcrete
  • Steel fibre re-enforced shotcrete
  • Steel grid shotcrete walls