Solving Westport water supply

The Westport water supply project needed some urgent stabilization on the new cut Face. Abseil Access pulled together a team and 4 weeks later we are nearly finished. Working together with Buller District Council and Hadlee & Brunton (main contractor from Timaru) we installed self drilling  anchors to support a drape of Geofabrics HR30 down the loose cut face. They will have safe access to the tunnel portal in no time.

Ash, our site supervisor, got a special thanks from the H & B team leader for doing the business and keeping them on track.

Oriental Bay’s White Lady gets a bit of love

New Zealand’s beautiful lighthouses are an essential part of marine safety. It is therefore essential they are kept in the best condition in their challenging sea environment . Abseil Access has the privilege of maintaining many of our light houses. Recently we gave Wellington’s Point Jerningham lighthouse a lick of paint and a state of the art solar LED beacon that can be seen throughout the harbour. According to Abseil Director, Martin Wilson, lighthouse maintenance work is the company’s most challenging and satisfying work.

Photo competition announced

The popular Abseil Access photo competition is on again. The competition is open to all Abseil staff and contractors, and aims to capture exciting shots from our varied work sites. Last year’s competition winner James Malone ended up having his photo picked as part of a NZ Post stamp collection celebrating the Kaikoura earthquake recovery.

Best photos will go in the Abseil Access calendar, and the overall winner will get $200.

Email photos to: JIM

Abseil Access public service to broadcasting

Abseil Access came to much loved Wellington music station Radio Active’s rescue this week, when they installed a new antenna on Tinakori Hill. The old antenna was past its used by date and Radio Active director Ross Steele expects the combination of a new antenna and a new transmitter will greatly increase the cult station’s broadcasting range.

Last year Radio Active ran a crowd funding scheme and instead of donating money Abseil Access said they would donate their services to install a new antenna.

Innovative corrosion technology tested

In a world first in conjunction with Trustpower, ReGenerate, Southern QA and Corrosion Control Engineers we have installed the world’s first ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) in a fresh water hydro pipe at the Cobb hydro station near Takaka. In the test section MMO (mixed metal oxide) titanium anode rods run the length of the pipe and a carefully controlled current is passed through the water reversing the corrosion on the pipes internal surface. It is all very, very technical. The effectiveness is being monitored closely with reference ports, corrosion coupons and vibration windows. We’ll have a better idea of the effectiveness of the anti corrosion work later in the year. Meanwhile the Abseil Access Penstock team were able to record some good times while installing the ICCP (see 2019 calendar, June)