New staff add to Abseil’s diversity

Oct 1, 2019

It has been a pretty full and exciting couple of months for us all at Abseil Access. Last month we gained a new major shareholder the Vertech Group. With change comes change, and we have also have also added a couple of new important members to our team. In our Christchurch office Angelia Ria is our new Business Leader, which in lay terms means General Manager. Ria has a diverse and exciting background including some years as a regular force solider in the New Zealand Army, she has worked as a Regional Manager for the Department of Corrections, in managerial roles with the Canterbury District Health Board, as CEO of He Oranga Pounamu as well as the GM of a South Island electrical distribution contractor. Added to this diversity of roles, she has a BA in Social Sciences, a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and an APMG certificate in risk management and construction safety. Phew.

She says, and we know, these skills are just going to add to the strength and productivity of Abseil Access.

Also new to our crew is previously New Plymouth based Charles Loader. Charles is taking on a Project Manager role based in Wellington. Charles has a diverse and defined background. Initially working as a welder in New Plymouth, this progressed to the maritime industry – carrying out structural ship repairs in Singapore and SE Asia, then moved on to becoming a hull inspector and diversified into research and development specialising in UAV’s (Drones). He has most recently been working as a hull inspector/project manager for our new parent company Vertech Group and has jumped at the opportunity to move into a new role with Abseil Access.

One of Charles’ strengths is his grasp of social media, so expect enlightening, constructive and educational posts on Instagram, LinkedIn, the Abseilet al.