Oriental Bay’s White Lady gets a bit of love

Jul 11, 2019

New Zealand’s beautiful lighthouses are an essential part of marine safety. It is therefore essential they are kept in the best condition in their challenging sea environment. Abseil Access has the privilege of maintaining many of our light houses. Recently we gave Wellington’s Point Jerningham lighthouse a lick of paint and a state-of-the-art solar LED beacon that can be seen throughout the harbour. According to Abseil Director, Martin Wilson, lighthouse maintenance work is the company’s most challenging and satisfying work.
Since Abseil Access first started working on New Zealand’s light houses 25 years ago, we have now serviced virtually all our marine and heritage lighthouses, from Cape Reinga to the bottom of the South island at Stirling Point.
New Zealand’s first lighthouse was commissioned in 1859 and its first lighthouse keeper was also the world’s first woman lighthouse keeper. Initially it was the job of the lighthouse keepers to maintain the buildings. But, with the advent of electrified/ automated lighthouses and demanning of lighthouses from the 1930s, the need for contracted servicing from companies such as Abseil Access has become essential. In 1990 the Brothers Island lighthouse (which Abseil service) at the top of the Marlborough Sounds was the last New Zealand lighthouse to be demanned.