Innovative corrosion technology tested

Mar 19, 2019

In a world first in conjunction with Trustpower, ReGenerate, Southern QA and Corrosion Control Engineers we have installed the world’s first ICCP (impressed current cathodic protection) in a fresh water hydro pipe at the Cobb hydro station near Takaka. In the test section MMO (mixed metal oxide) titanium anode rods run the length of the pipe and a carefully controlled current is passed through the water reversing the corrosion on the pipes internal surface. It is all very, very technical. The effectiveness is being monitored closely with reference ports, corrosion coupons and vibration windows. We’ll have a better idea of the effectiveness of the anti corrosion work later in the year. Meanwhile the Abseil Access Penstock team were able to record some good times while installing the ICCP (see 2019 calendar, June)