The concrete tower on Dog island is New Zealand’s tallest lighthouse.

Being in the Foveaux strait is also attracts the wind and the long white cloud. Our brave and dedicated lighthouse crew battled the elements for 3 weeks to complete the technical and much needed maintenance. The cast iron gutter and handrail got its first ever full strip back and sand blast.

The full tower got a glossy top coat and we also installed a new lightning rod and attractor as multiple strikes had damaged the existing one.

The lighthouse is ready for another 15 years of maritime safety in the deep south.


Italy, the land of fine cuisine, Pavarotti and the mafia and also the home country of the Merlo Group who design and manufacture telescopic handlers.

Due to the short time periods that we could posses the rail corridor we needed a faster way of anchoring the rock face. After a bit of midnight oil burning, and various jaunts into a city called Auckland, a bright green machine headed out from it’s usual haunt of movie sets to the lesser trodden path of the King Country rail corridor.

Some clever adaptions were made to enable the drill rig to be powered from the lifting forks.  Then, 120m of anchoring was completed in 3.5 days despite the occasional train wanting to move through the site.